Saturday, August 29, 2009


They got about 12 quarts of honey in all. Beautiful!
Derek and JD's hard work pays off!
Flowing from the extractor...
The honey extractor pulls the honey off the comb by spinning it.
Some of the honey packed in the hive's screens. Just needs a good spin!

In the early spring, JD announced that he wanted a motorcycle. Hmm. Then he announced that he wanted to raise honeybees and have Derek sell the honey for his mission fund. Hmm. We didn't have the time and/or money for both and needed to make a decision. Bees won (duh, have my husband riding a bike in the snow?) and we bought two hives that we keep on the blueberry farm across the river.

Each week since then, JD and Derek drive over there and clean and monitor the hives. Today was harvest! Look what beautiful honey they gave me! Next year they will have enough for Derek to sell at the farmer's market, but this year is for my food storage needs.


  1. Oh my gosh, how wonderful! So how does it taste? Makes me want to go have some toast and honey right now! You guys are the coolest ever! xox

  2. Thanks! Yes, it is pretty cool, we think. Last night we brought the hives home to the house and today the bees are FREAKING out. Looks like the plague around here. All and all, it's been a pretty simple process to raise the honey. JD definitely did his homework and Derek is a bee know-it-all now. Tastes great with a very fruity flavor (did you know most honey in the market has corn syrup added to it--especially if it says "Canada" anywhere on it?) I'm going to be experimenting with it in cooking so we can really put it to use in place of refined sugar.