Friday, October 22, 2010

Alexis' 11th Birthday

Little sister Katie putting the finishing touches on a cupcake. Nice fruit leather hair!

Alexis' friends watching her open presents.

Makaela, Rian and Bella enjoying cupcakes.

Makaela and Alicia decorating cupcakes, or something...

Alexis showing the girls what Sarah's face looks like to make her cupcake. that frosting on her chin already?!

Some of the cupcake faces. Cute!

Once again, it is time for giggling, squealing, screaming and general girliness....time for Alexis' birthday party! This year the girls all came over while JD and Evan went to the first weekend of deer hunting season. Derek stayed home to suit up varsity for the high school football game and also had a PSAT college test the next morning. Poor him. Luckily he was gone until pretty late and missed most of the noise.

First, I divided the girls into two teams for a video scavenger hunt. Half went with me and the other half went with Oma. Each team had one hour to complete as many items on the list as they could. Each item HAD to be video taped with the entire team doing it, to avoid any cheating. The hunt including lots of things around town like having a group dance in the parking lot with the car stereo, singing "Mary Had A Little Lamb" in the meat department of the grocery store and ordering Krispy Creme donuts at McDonald's. Oma and her team got kicked out of the Safeway store for inappropriateness! When they all arrived back at the house, we made nachos and watched each team's movie on the big screen. So funny. Goofy girls!

After dinner and videos each girl had to draw a name of another girl and decorate a jumbo cupcake to look like her. Afterwards we all guessed who was who. They were quite creative. The rest of the night they were busy doing skits and other "chick stuff" until they finally collapsed during a movie. Next morning, we woke up and had SUPER waffles, eggs and sausage and they all went to soccer games or home.

Another super fun girl weekend! Thanks, Oma for coming and helping again! Wouldn't be the same without YOU! :)

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