Monday, October 18, 2010

Spring Family Birthdays

Evan had to leave the party early with JD for his last baseball game of the season.
Here's my sweet husband. Could he be any cuter in this picture? I think NOT!

Todd and Dad.

Uncle Todd (and dog buddy, Buck) with Grandpa Rock

Auntie Lisa (telling another story), Miss Jackie and Aunt Tina (from Utah!)

Avatar ANYTHING! Yay!

Oma and Opa (JD's parents) with Derek sharing his surprise gift.

Katie showing off her new pink sports watch. Always need to be able to tell the time!

Katie's baptism was the perfect opportunity for us to celebrate our spring birthdays at one time since all our family was here. Derek (March 1st), Katie (May 17th) and Evan (May 26th) and enjoyed receiving presents and celebrations for everyone. So nice when both sides of the family can get together. When the party was over we headed to the kids' event (Evan's baseball game and Alexis' first tourney soccer match).

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  1. What a darling group of kids you have. Great going Terri! I have been looking for a post for a loooong time.