Tuesday, October 19, 2010

All-Star Season

Evan at shortstop.

Coach JD on 1st base watching Evan take one out.

Our team banner.

Lined up at the 12 year old state tournament opening ceremonies.

Well, all-star baseball was kind of a bust. The boys moved up to the larger field this year for the first time in our league's history and we had a tough time. We probably would have been more competitive back at our regular field size, but someone had to be the sacrificial lamb. Has to start somewhere! Needless to say, the won a few and lost a few more. Evan did well at pitcher and shortstop. JD enjoyed the season with him and built memories, so that's all we can ask. Our family loves watching and playing baseball. Next year Evan goes up to Babe Ruth and that is another adjustment.

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