Friday, October 22, 2010

Sturgeon Fishing on the Columbia

Evan reeled in the biggest fish of the day. Whoa!

Gotta measure it though to see if it's legal...

Yup! It's a keeper! Let's TOUCH it!!!

Johnny, Kyle, Jake and Evan hold the two fish the group caught. My little Buckeye was a happy boy that night!

Evan and the boy scout troop had the opportunity to go fishing for sturgeon on the Columbia River. The best part about it was the fact that they went with a GUIDE! JD also went to help (yah, help. It wasn't AT ALL that he wanted to go fishing too!) and said this guy's equipment was incredible. He had a fish finder the size of a TV and every bell and whistle needed to pull up the big ones. And that's exactly what they got. BIG ones. JD and Evan were the only ones to reel in sturgeon of legal size. After a great day on the river and lots of fun, they came back in where the guide even cleaned and filleted out the fish for them. Wow! That's service! That night JD brought home the fish, chopped it up into large chunks, breaded it and made the most AMAZING fish and chips I have ever had. Seriously, it was awesome. (Mouth is watering as I type).

On top of everything, he did it for free as a service to the scouts and the trip didn't cost anything. His name is Dan and his number is (5o3) 816-6803 or He does sturgeon, steelhead and salmon guides year round in multiple rivers and bays. JD's definitely going out with him again. Good Christmas gift for the guys, ladies!...

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