Thursday, October 21, 2010

JD's knee surgery

The nurse was preparing his knee for surgery and made the comment that she was going to have to shave him "knees to nipples" to keep everything sterile for the best results in surgery. He seemed a little shaken by that...

Just kidding! He smiled, but wasn't really amused. Probably don't need a stand-up comic prepping you for surgery.

Sometime in the all-star baseball season, JD crouched down (either to play catcher for pitcher Evan or stretch his legs, who knows?) and something went "pop!" He hobbled around for some time and finally decided it wasn't going to go away so went to see a doctor. The doctor immediately referred him to an orthopedic surgeon. JD went "under the knife" to repair lots of damage that years of football, wrestling, softball and stupid young men camping trips (read "king of the hill"competitions, snow camping and ultimate frisbee) have done to him over time. He recovered very quickly, thankfully, and really only missed a few days of work. He's a trooper.

P.S. I LOVE anesthesia. He was so ooey gooey lovey with me when he was coming out of it. Sweet.

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