Monday, October 25, 2010

Derek's First Buck! (more graphic pictures)

Venison, anyone? 'Cause I got A LOT of it...

What are the chances?! Derek, now 15, got his first buck on the weekend after Evan got HIS first buck. We are delighted that the competition is OVER between the two of them. Derek's buck was taken in the same county (and nearly the same area) as Evan's was. Evan and his group saw Derek's buck last weekend, but missed him several times. It is also a black tail and is a 4 x 3. Needless to say, Derek is perfectly giddy about it all. We will go ahead and mount these antlers too (in a European mount, for those in the know), but not the whole head like Evan's. Derek is convinced he'll get a bigger one another time. Sheesh. This stuff is expensive! There goes the PS3 for Christmas!

As for JD, he still has his own tag to fill, but his greatest joy was seeing his boys get their first bucks. He's so proud and happy. He's still going to try a little hunting on his days off though! :)

Well, I'm off to the taxidermist and sporting goods store with another severed head for counting antlers and mounting. I can only hope for my good fortune of attracting more men on the freeway with this head. Good times. Once the boys can drive I'm sending them for tampons or something equally grotesque for them. It's only fair.

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