Thursday, October 21, 2010

Black eye

That day at the park.

Couple of days later I am green and yellow!

By the end of the summer, we had to use up the Wild Waves tickets I had left. Problem is, now Derek can't go with us because of football and JD can't go because he's still rehabbing his knee. I headed up north again (my third time this summer) with the other three kids: Evan, Alexis and Katie. (No other pictures of the trip because I didn't want to damage my phone or my camera with water.) Anyway, about half way through the day, we decided to go on this one slide. Since Katie is so small, I had to ride double with her quite often on our tube. We headed down the slide and once we hit the water, she popped up OUT of the tube and her head smacked my face. I saw stars for a minute and we both went under water. Her head was sore, but my face immediately started to swell. The 16 year old lifeguard asked me if I was okay and then told me to go to the First Aid station right away. So I did. EMT looked me over and informed me I would have a very nice black eye. Which I did. For several weeks. I heard lots of comments from people. Some funny and some kind of NOT funny!

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