Friday, October 22, 2010

Evan's first buck (might be graphic pictures!)

Evan's first buck.

Evan and our friend, Cody, who spotted Buckzilla for Evan first.

Evan in the pickup after dragging Buckzilla out of the canyon with Cody.

Buckzilla finally is home.

Older brother Derek rushed out to see what he missed this weekend. "Oh man!"

Well, miracles never cease! For the first time since we left Ohio (11 years ago, in case you wondered), my family has brought home wild game. JD took Evan over east of the mountains last weekend and with the help of our friends, the Reynolds, found the boy a giant buck. It is a black-tailed deer and has 6 x 5 antlers (you hunting people know what this is). It was Evan's first rifle hunt and the only time he's carried a gun or shot one. First shot and apparently the shot and buck of a lifetime. The boys were over the moon when they got back Saturday night. It was all Derek could do to not throttle his brother for getting a buck before him. He was happy and jealous all at the same time. I tried to warn Derek ahead of time that this was a big buck, but don't know if he really believed me until he saw it. He said, "You got Buckzilla!" The local sporting goods store does a contest for the biggest buck and so far Evan's got it. Everyone told us we HAD to mount it, so I relented and took it to a taxidermist so Evan could have it. It will NOT be hung in my house other than Evan's room (behind the door). He will take it when he leaves home for good. I will not store it.

I am not entirely fond of this whole hunting thing, but realize my guys dig it, so I stay quiet. My patience was tested when after it was skinned, I had to haul the body and head to the butcher and taxidermist. Apparently it will be good sausage and jerky. Driving around the county with a severed head was a little Godfatherish, but it certainly got me lots of attention from the men around town. Thought I was having a good hair day or something until I realized they were ogling the antlers in the back of the truck and not me. Lots of honks and waves though.

JD is taking Derek out today for the weekend. We can only hope for our luck to continue for Derek!...

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  1. Way to go Evan! There's nothing as exciting as your first! Joe's a bit jealous, good luck to Derek!