Sunday, October 17, 2010

Last Little League Season

All the team at the team party held at Coldstone.
Evan is in the very back. Tall kid.

Evan and the rest of the team listening to all the good things coach is telling them. Evan has an admirer in 6 year old Josh who hangs on his every word.

Coach Troy saying good bye. Kind of got choked up there at the end.

Ahhh. All good things must come to an end. We have LOVED our time at Western Youth Baseball for the last ten years which started with 6 year old Derek and T-Ball. This year was Evan's last year of Little League. JD has coached him the last few years. The team took third (again) in the league this year. Evan will continue playing in the Babe Ruth league next year, but there is something so great about being out at Western. Not sure if it's the famous Western Burger (homemade burger with bacon, the works and a special sauce) or just being down there all day on Saturday. Such good family memories of when all four kids played. The girls kind of pooped out on baseball to focus on soccer, so Evan was our last excuse to hang out at the ball field just watching kids enjoy the game. We'll miss you, Western. Now on to All-Star summer baseball!

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