Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dance Festival 2010

Evan and Derek at the end of the festival. Tired, sunburned and slightly irritable at the camera.

Me in the parking lot on my way to more chaperoning duties. 4,000 kids=headache!

Getting ready for the finale.

Derek and his friends taking a break.
Evan and his buddy Ethan showing off their boxing moves.

This is what 4,000 kids look like dancing at the same time. This was a hip hop dance to Usher.

Back in January, we began a journey with our church youth, which includes our sons Derek (15) and Evan (13). We joined six other stakes (like archdioceses) and organized a huge dance festival where the kids performed all different dances with costumes and various music. The kids practiced for six months straight and on June 24 and 25th, we got to see the fruit of their labors. Amazing. Breathtaking. Unbelievable. 4,000 kids from ages 12-18 participated. Derek and his partner with other kids 14-15 danced a swing number and Evan and the rest of the boys his age performed a kick boxing routine to "Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor. Everyone also did group numbers together. This dominated our lives for so long I don't know what we'll do from here on out. Wonderful experience, even if the boys don't necessarily enjoy all the dancing. Who doesn't enjoy meeting new girls from three different states? Just sayin'... I LOVE the youth!

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