Thursday, October 21, 2010

ER Visit #12

Evan: "Are photo memories really necessary, Mom? Isn't my new scar going to be enough?"


If I am not mistaken, this is our family's 12th visit to the Emergency Department at the local hospital. We're not big broken bones people or horribly bloody messes, but we have our occasional croup/breathing issues and various cuts and sprains. #12 was no exception. Evan was in the kitchen balancing himself between two counters. (Why? WHO KNOWS!?) Pretty soon that balancing act became a swinging act that went horribly wrong. Eventually the dumb swinging involved his foot smacking the counter's edge and it cut the skin between the baby toe and one next to it. Bled like a stuck pig all over the kitchen and hallway! Packed him with a washcloth and headed down the hill. Had to get 5 stitches that night. Only took an hour though. Slow night at the ER, thankfully.

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