Thursday, October 28, 2010

Evan & Friends Love Letters

Evan tenderly kisses the page while his friend Grant applies lipstick.

Grant's careful application. Lookin' good...

Max has a bit of a better form. Has he done this before?!

Their signed, sealed and eventually delivered letter.

Evan had a few guys over the other night to hang out (ended up spending the night, but that's fine too). JD was gone hunting with Derek and so all the other kids got to invite someone to hang out with that night. Evan asked if some girls could come over to play games with them too. I'm okay with that as long as I'm around. When they invited the girls, it turned out they were having a volleyball team party at a family friends' house. They were disappointed to miss the boys, but had to stay. Since Alexis had invited the younger sister of the v-ball party over, her mom Nikki, brought her as well as a message to Evan and his friends from the v-ball girls. It said how much they missed the boys, wanted to come over, etc. The boys got it in their heads to send a message back, but sealed each message with a lipstick kiss (with my $20 lipstick, thank you!) Couldn't pass up sharing these photos of dumb boys. Teenagers...

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