Tuesday, October 19, 2010

End of School Year

Katie and the uber-competitive egg carry.

Potato sack races! What a great expression!

Alexis and her best buddy Alicia competing in the three-legged race.

The big event of the day: tug-o-war! Control freak Alexis is smack in front, of course. They won!

Every year in the last week of school, the elementary puts on a field day. The kids get to play different relay and running races. Our kids love it and it's the highlight of the pre-summer. This year the weather wasn't exactly warm. Alexis and the older kids (3-5 grades) went earlier in the day. They were sprinkled on with rain, but it continued. Katie and the younger kids went in the afternoon and were eventually rained out, so they didn't get their tug-o-war. All in all it was fun. Cold, but fun.

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