Thursday, October 21, 2010


Alexis and her cabin-mates at Cispus.

Alexis and her friend Rian getting ready to board the busses.

Most of her cabin. Her counselor is in the middle back. She's a little short senior in high school!

Loading up!

Its a tradition that the whole school comes out and waves goodbye to the kids as the busses leave. I think that's so sweet. Katie is in there somewhere!

Each year the fifth grade classes leave for a week of outdoor school (staying in cabins) with their teachers and high school counselors. This is quite an experience and her older brothers did it, so Alexis was really looking forward to it. She had an adorable counselor and a wonderful time learning about plants, animals and getting along with all her cabin-mates. Need a campfire song? Alexis is your girl!

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