Thursday, October 21, 2010

Katie's friend birthday

All the girls: Emily, Olivia, Mary, Zoe and Katie.

Because Katie is the littlest friend of theirs, the kids often pack her around like a doll. Today was no exception.

With this being her 8th birthday, it's been a family tradition with the other kids for a hog-wild party (same goes for the 12th birthday). These are milestone birthdays for them and we like them to be memorable. That means just about anything goes, within reason (financially and idea-wise). Katie decided to take her three closest girlfriends to Wild Waves/Six Flags amusement park for the day. I had bought a TON of tickets in the spring for a fraction of the cost of regular tickets and we just used them slowly through the year. Katie waited until the weather was good and warm (upper 80's) and that meant late August before she could have her May birthday. Of course, I also went, even though I felt lousy. I had lost my voice (later found out I had bronchitis and laryngitis) and had a tough time rounding up these four, active girls with my manly, hoarse voice. We packed a cooler and had a fun tailgate lunch in the park's parking lot. The kids were adorable and we had a great day getting home well after 10:00 pm!

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