Thursday, October 21, 2010

Derek waverunning


Jake & Tyler

Tim: "Okay, you guys...hit it!" Ten minutes later...

Tim: "Dudes. I think you ripped my spleen!"

By the end of August, high school football was in full swing and no matter what, Derek HAD to be at practice. Even one missed practice meant he couldn't play. A little much, but this is football. The other kids went to the Great Wolf Lodge (an indoor water park) with JD's mom (Oma) for the weekend, but Derek had to stay behind with us. Since he was pretty bummed, we told him we'd take him and some football buddies to the river to use the wave runners. We loaded up the four sweaty teenagers after practice, two wave runners, a towing inner tube and 4 pizzas (they ate them ALL in the car on the way over there) and headed to the Columbia River for the night. They had a lot of fun showing each other how fast they could flip their "friends" off the tube.

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